​​Grow the Goose provides Financial Empowerment for Children to help them attain Financial Wisdom entering adulthood. We believe Children need to be Financially Empowered despite their Economical or Environmental backgrounds.

Since September 2015, we have conducted 46 workshops and engaged with over 1260 Children. There are currently 366 Graduates of our Be BaGoose & Biz Bagoose workshops. This has resulted in the births of 13 Junior Entrepreneurs with their own Socially Conscious Businesses (SCBs)

We currently run paid workshops where 60% of our profits goes into a 'Magic Goose Fund' which we then use to run our Impact Programs. This includes running Financial Empowerment workshops for Children from Marginalised Communities and also to support our Graduates' activities with their own SCBs​​.

We are strongly committed towards working collaboratively in achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as Spearheaded by the United Nations.

As our main focus are Children ages 7-18, we believe by using the Sustainable Development Goals framework to map & monitor our activities, we will be able to track our progress better. After all, these children will be the ones inheriting and leading the future come 2030 and beyond, so let us put more concentrated and long term efforts on them.