Through our collaboration with Social Enterprise Academy Malaysia, we provide content to run Social Enterprise in Schools. The modules are adapted from Social Enterprise Academy Scotland where they have successfully deployed these programs for over 900 schools from Pre - Schools right up to Secondary Schools. 

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The name 'Grow the Goose' was adapted from the fable 'The Farmer and the Magic Goose'. In that story, the Farmer was lazy, greedy and loved to spend extravagantly until one day, his Magic Goose stopped laying Golden Eggs. He became so angry and ended up killing the Goose because of his own stupidity. 

Since we hated the ending where the Farmer killed the Goose, we decided to change the ending of the story and created our own new story and call it GROW the Goose instead.

This simple tale teaches so much about the Importance of Saving, Earning & Investing all at once.

Using lessons learnt from this tale, we have developed 3 different avenues for Children to learn, absorb and apply the concepts & theories: Be BaGoose, Biz BaGoose & Booth BaGoose 

We believe that the scary statistics of Bankruptcy among young Malaysians is due to the lack of Financial Education in their early years.  As they enter adulthood, they are faced with new & challenging situations resulting in Poor Financial Management, Debt Traps and Poor Investment Choices.

As such, Healthy Money Habits should be nurtured in children from as young as 7. In fact, sometimes even earlier. The minute they start asking for things to buy or demand for things, it is time to teach them the Value of Money and the Importance of Saving Diligently at an early age.

As they become older, they need to understand the concept of delayed gratification and how to work towards achieving a set goal to attain their desired toy, gadget, outing, holiday and more. On top of Savings, this can be achieved by teaching them how to Earn their own money. At the same time, they need to learn and understand the Impact of their Earning activities to other People, Animals and Environment.

What's also important is teaching them how to 'GROW' their Goose by means of solid, safe & smart Investments.

These are the 3 stages of what we apply in our program designs, Save Diligently, Earn Responsibly & Invest Sustainably.


The Magic Goose Fund allows us to run free programs for children from Marginalised communities & also to help microfund our Graduates’ ongoing activities. Current Impact Programs include:

1. Financial Empowerment Program for Students of Sekolah Asli Bukit Cheding, Banting, Selangor (ongoing) – with Maybank Investment

2. Financial Empowerment Program for Teens of KL Krash Pad, Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur (2018)

3. Financial Empowerment Program for Teens of Kg Orang Asli, Ampang Woh, Tapah, Perak (2018)

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We are proud to announce our latest collaboration with ME.REKA in Publika.

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"Around 60 Malaysians below the age of 44 are declared bankrupt each day”

-YB Datuk Seri Hajjah Nancy Shukri, Minister in Prime Minister's Department, Malaysia-