August-November 2016:

Out of 264 applicants, we were the top 25 accepted to attend Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre - MaGIC's Accelerator Program for Social Enterprise Track, Cohort 3. This 4 month program introduced us to the entire concept of Social Entrepreneurship which simply means a business can 'Make Profit and Do Good' all at the same time. We also received a RM 30,000 grant from MaGIC.

November 2017:

We were awarded the Impact Driven Enterprise Accreditation by Malaysia Global Innovation & Creativity Centre - MaGIC IDEA. We took part in the first 'Buy for Impact' event held at Publika showcasing Impact Driven Enterprises by MaGIC.

September 2015:

We conducted our very first workshop (then called 'Healthy Money Habits') for 29 children ages 7-12 on the 5 & 6th of September 2015. It was a 2 day workshop, Day 1 was held at the Thinking Loft. Ara Damansara and Day 2 at Citta Mall. Through the feedback form received from parents, we made the necessary amendments to our program content, logistics arrangements and workshop activities. It was truly a valuable learning experience for us and served as a starting point of how we wanted our workshops to be, full of L.I.F.E - Light, Impactful, Fun & Experiential to both the participants & their parents or guardians.

We feel it is important to share some highlights of our journey and how we continue to Learn, Apply, Measure and Progress ourselves for the betterment of our children.

April-September 2017:

We were accepted to attend Social Enterprise Forum's Outreach Accelerator based in Stockholm, Sweden. Of the 900 applicants worldwide, we were chosen be the top 8 to attend this 6 months program, representing Malaysia & Asean. We were blessed to be able to be in Sweden for 3 weeks in April and another 3 weeks in September to learn from Sweden's best in terms of Sustainability & Impact Measurements. This program allowed us to rethink & restructure or Revenue vs Impact Model and to align it to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

‚ÄčIn the last 2 years, we have also been very blessed to be featured in various Local & International Media including:

March 2015:

The idea to offer Financial Empowerment for Children was born after our founder Nina Othman received numerous requests to do so when the story of her own 2 sons (then aged 4 & 6) who were trying to raise their own money to buy a pair of roller shoes, was suddenly known to many. They sold Healthy Sausages over 2 weekends and collected enough money to buy each of them a pair of roller shoes.